Special Thanks to our 2022 Conference Sponsors

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2022 conference!

Sister Miriam Maclean is the Director of Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana. She has a Phd from the University of Michigan and is a licensed Social Worker. She is a former resident of Lake Charles who made her way back to Southwest Louisiana in 2018 just in time for a pandemic, two hurricanes, an ice storm, and recent flooding, but somehow could not be stopped. She was instrumental in expanding the facility to which she is assigned and also purchased a refrigerated truck to deliver food items to outlying parishes. A truck she named “Big Joe” because of her deep affection for St. Joseph.

She turned a room into a chapel where mass is said throughout the month for the staff and volunteers and expanded food distributions to a five parish area serving over 700 families each month.

Her favorite bible verse is Psalm 9:18 “But God will never forget the needy, the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”

The Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc. was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in 1990. We are very proud to be celebrating our milestone 32nd Anniversary in 2022!

Overall Mission: To educate, empower, and expand the status of women living in Southwest Louisiana.

Major Efforts:  

  • Annual Fall Conference for Women – held annually on the 3rd Thursday in October Signature Event
  • Mentorship Program – Jr. Women’s Conference to educate and encourage future women leaders
  • Leadership opportunities and networking support for women
  • Multiple Scholarships awarded annually to non-traditional women attending SOWELA Technical Community College or McNeese State University
  • Commissioners also serve as a volunteer force supporting many other non-profit groups throughout Southwest Louisiana.

Are you interested in sponsoring our 2022 Conference?

Through donations, our sponsors underwrite the majority of the cost of the Fall Conference which helps keep the cost of attending the conference to a minimum for participants.