A Message from our Chairperson

Carol Henry

A number of the many legacies of 2020 that will go down in history as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic are so many annual “near and dear to our hearts” events that were cancelled. The Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana Inc.’s Fall Conference 2020 certainly reigns high on that list! In accordance with governmental regulations, best health practices and, above all the safety and well-being of our guests, sponsors, vendors, facility staff, and all who participate in any way, there was truly no other option than to postpone our thirtieth anniversary edition until 2021.

SAVE THE DATE of October 21, 2021 to “Celebrate 30 Years with Pearls of Wisdom” at the Lake Charles Civic Center. It is an easy date to remember – the 21st in 2021! The Commissioners are already hard at work making sure that the 2021 Fall Conference will more than make up for 2020. As with any challenge, the women of southwest Louisiana historically emerge stronger than ever before. Rest assured that the Fall Conference yet to come will follow that footpath and exceed expectations!

In the months that follow, expect a presence of the Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc., as we highlight our past and embrace our future. There are so very many exquisite “pearls” to share. From past keynote speakers whose words still resonate today to Jack V. Doland recipients whose work that we honored in the past is still found in the footprint of southwest Louisiana today to scholarship recipients who have completed their educational programs and emerged as vital to our economy…the list goes on and on. As opportunities to serve others emerge, expect to see the Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc. volunteering. And, as the 2021 Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc.’s Fall Conference approaches, expect to learn of a vibrant Keynote Speaker with a message for everyone, along with an opportunity to spend a resourceful and enjoyable day with friends and colleagues.

Let us relish the time that 2020 has provided for us to reflect and step back, making different, but important, memories with families and friends and look forward to the 2021 Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc.’s Fall Conference where will “Celebrate 30 Years with Pearls of Wisdom” on October 21, 2021.

With gratitude to so many,

Carol Henry
Vice President/Fall Conference Chair